We know that there’s probably a lot of things that you want to ask, so we’ve compiled a list of things that we’re asked the most often.

If your query isn’t found in the below info then just drop us a email James@southernxc-onlineonline so we can answer your question.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

What information will I receive before the event?

A few minutes after you enter you will receive a confirmation email thanking you for your entry.

Following this we encourage you to follow us on social media as we will post lots of info and photos.

In the days running up to the event we will email you a link to the Race Briefing. This will confirm lots of information to help ensure that your day with us runs smoothly.

What are the Rules at SouthernXC Race?

SouthernXC races are sanctioned by British Cycling and are run following their rules, you can read those here.

Follow any instructions from Race Officials and Marshals at all times, they are there to make sure your day is fun and fair, please respect them.

Treat your fellow competitors with the respect you would expect from them, if everyone looks after each other, we all have a great day.

Can I have a go?

Of course! Everyone is welcome at SouthernXC. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first race or you’re a seasoned pro. Head over to the Categories page for some guidance then press the enter button.

How old do I need to be to enter a SouthernXC Race?

U10 is the lowest age category that we offer, this is open to children born in 2014 or later.

We ask that all riders can ride in woodland tracks and across grassland under their own steam, if your child is still finding their feet off road but is desperate to race, have a look at a Summer Cyclocross series.

Do I need to have a British Cycling Race Licence to race?

Only if you are racing in “Elite” or “Expert” categories, or if you want to accumulate British Cycling points in other British Cycling ranking categories (these have no bearing on our series, but may help if you want to move onto national racing). For everything else you’re not required to hold a race licence. You don’t even need to be a British Cycling member to enter our races!

How long is the course?

This is dependent upon the venue, but we aim for the average rider to be able to complete a lap in around 20 minutes. The course is typically 4-6km in length dependant on the elevation change and the constraints of the venue. The Categories page will give you some more info about the duration of each race.

Do I need a map?

No, the entire course is clearly marked and marshaled so there is no chance of getting lost

Can I practice the course before race start?

Yes. There are specific practice periods throughout the day, there will be no practice whilst races are in progress.

The practice periods are 08:30-09:15, 11:00-12:15 and 14:00-14:45.

The U10/U12 racers will use a mostly unique course built just for them, often only sharing the open sections through the race village. We will keep as much of this unique course as possible open for them to ride for the whole day both before and after their races. This must be under parental supervision, it will only be marshaled during their practice period and their race.

The venues we use for SouthernXC events are private and we hire them for exclusive use on race days, if you choose to go there outside of an event you will put future hire at risk so please don’t be tempted.

How will the start work?

Each race will be gridded before the start.

The gridding will begin at the time shown on the Schedule page. Please ensure you are at the start area on time.

Each category will be gridded separately within each race.

The British Cycling Commissar will start each category individually.

How does gridding work?

We want your start to be as safe as possible so at least the front 20 riders of each category will be gridded.

For round 1 this will be based on last year’s results and the BC Commissars judgement.

From round 2 onward gridding will be based on your average result so far in the series.

Please ensure you’re at the start area at the correct time for your gridding, as advertised in the Schedule page.

What if I’m lapped by the leaders?

We will not stop you if you are lapped.

There is a time limit on each race.

You won’t be able to start a new lap after this limit has expired.

The countdown timer will begin with the last start in each race.

More info about the time limit for each race is on the categories page

What if I’m unable to finish the event?

If this is for a medical reason then please ensure you report to a medic to be checked over. Then let a event official or marshal know so that we’re not looking for you on the course. If you do need any medical attention just head straight for an event official or marshal to let them know.

Can I keep my Race Number board?

In 2024 we will be taking number boards back at the end of the race in an effort to reduce our ecological footprint.

Do not cut or modify the board as you may damage your timing chip and this will mean you will not get a result. It’s also against the British Cycling rules so could result in disqualification.

How does the series competition work?

Your series position is calculated using your 4 highest scoring rounds

You must of started a minimum of 4 rounds to qualify for a series position.

If there is a tie for one of the top 4 positions when we get to the final round of the series we will use Count Back to award the placings.

Count Back will look to the the last time that the tied competitors rode against each other, and the winner of that ‘battle’ will be awarded the higher position.